Black Belt Awareness For Women
Don’t Be An Easy Target

Keynote or 2 to 4 hour workshop


Black Belt Awareness For Women is an informative, interesting, and empowering presentation that will help keep women and teens safe. Christine’s simple and easy-to-apply ideas helps reduce the threat of violence for all of us in everyday life.


The program includes how to:


  • Trust our intuition and other survival signals


  • Prevent & reduce chances of an attack


  • Recognize common modes of criminal tactics


  • Be safe on the street and-public places


  • Reduce chances of personal assault


  • Initiate self-assertiveness skills


Christine holds a first-degree black belt in Shotokan (Show-tow-can) Karate. She has competed in numerous tournaments and represented the women’s team for Southern England in international competitions.


Christine has taught many women and teens how to avoid potentially dangerous situations and what to do if they found themselves in a life threatening position. She will share how not to be an easy target and how to reduce the chances of becoming a victim.


What others have to say about this program…


Excellent, excellent, excellent. Thank you!

Great information. This has inspired me to take a self-defense class

Entertaining and very informative. The speaker was great!

Wish we had more programs like this one with as good of speakers as she was!

Christine, you did such a great job! I could feel the audience responding to you, and that’s because you combine meaningful content with excellent presentation.