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Christine Richards set her sights on an extraordinary life far away from the economically depressed area of England where she was raised. She persisted in her dream despite an overwhelming belief from family and friends that her aspirations were impossible. Christine had a plan. And during her martial arts training she discovered a number of life-changing tools she could use to make her plan come true.


Christine achieved her first (of five) life goals in 1991 when she arrived in the United States. Today she will amuse and inspire you with the insights, attitudes, and skills she discovered on her personal journey to achieve the “American Dream”. Christine will captivate you with a refreshing look at how to overcome obstacles and motivate you to be braver and more confident that ever before so that you, too, can achieve your dreams.



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"Christine Richards inspires her audience to dream big…and then gives them the tools to achieve their dreams."

Beth Rietveld President, Oregon Women in Higher Education Oregon State University