Black Belt Selling


Discover 5 Secrets To Double Your Sales Immediately!


Black Belt Selling is a cutting-edge, fast paced, and inspiring look at selling. Discover how to combine the expertise of selling with the discipline and wisdom of the martial arts. Learn how to master the skills and strategies needed to Double Your Sales.


Designed for business owners and salespeople, this results-focused program will show how to master the art of selling.


Customized to meet your needs, Black Belt Selling can be a keynote, seminar, or breakout session.


These concepts, strategies, and techniques can be custom-tailored for a variety of experience levels, from beginning sales person to seasoned sales professionals.



“Christine Richards is a master at connecting with people, of building mutual trust, and creating business opportunities. I have personally seen Christine at work selling, teaching others how to sell, and helping business owners take it to the next level. I've enlisted Christine's assistance many times over the past 3 years and she has earned my professional respect, my personal trust, and my heartfelt recommendation


Ron Black, The Mentor Group






“Christine really knocked it out of the park. She was great. Her smile sheet was a solid 5 out of 5—first time ever for a tough audience. The only complaint was that her speech was too short: our limitation. They wanted MORE!.”


Carol Kelly, Ph.D.

Managing Director

e-Women Network

Portland, OR Chapter