Christine has more than 25 years in managing small to mid-size companies. Her expertise as owner, manager, sales expert, and behavioral trainer provides her insight into the issues that can stop a business from reaching it’s intended goals.


Whether your challenges are related to low sales, hiring the right people, employee communication, organizational conflict, or customer service issues, Christine provides her practical skills, strategies and experience as a business owner to help you work through these issues.


One-on-one Coaching


Black Belt Selling is a powerful sales coaching program designed to help you break through barriers and close more sales. In order to be successful at selling, one should have an understanding of why people buy or don’t buy and what influences their buying decisions.


With your own personal sales coach to guide you through your sales plan and implementation you will be able capture the sales you desire.


Results you can expect from this program:


* Evaluation and redesign your current sales and marketing plan


* An improved understanding of your selling style through the Sales Strategy Matrix Profiling


* Customer relationship training


* Presentation and public speaking skills development


* Training in power prospecting and cold calling


* How to handle objections effectively


* 10 effective closes that really work


For a FREE telephone consultation to see if this program is right for you, please contact: Christine Richards @ 503-381-6585



“Christine makes the subject of sales very approachable and easy to understand. I took her two-day class on sales and came away with skills I started using right away to good effect. She will definitely help you take your skills to the next level.”


Taylor Ellwood, Imagine Your Reality Life Coaching



“Christine provided valuable insight into communication and best business practice, which I now use daily. She understands the challenges of reaching sales goals and maintaining them. I enjoy our conversations and friendship!"


Diana Nelson, The Department of Creative Business