How to handle Emotional Charged Situations


Turn Your Difficult Customers into Alleys


45 minute keynote or 2-4 hour workshop


The true test of excellent customer service is how we handle the ‘problem’ customer. “The customer is always right” is hard to remember when you’re facing unfair criticism, an emotional outburst, or verbal abuse…and its directed right at you!


How to Handle Emotionally Charged Situations…will give you the all-important skills you need to handle the difficult customer effectively, efficiently, and easily because we know that it’s your customer service that differentiates you from your competition!


Did you know that customers spend more when they get the service they want? The happy customer will spend at least 10% more at your business if you respond the ‘right’ way. And they will come back for more!


In How to Handle Emotionally Charged Situations, participants will learn:


* Why complaints are really opportunities
* How to work with difficult customers
* How to diffuse anger and disarm the upset customer
* How to stay calm and collected when an angry customer lashes out
* How to develop skills that make your customers feel they are getting top quality service…even when you can’t deliver everything they want


With this program you can expect your employees to understand why people become angry and why it is not personal. Participants will learn an easy four-step model to diffuse anger and gain confidence in their ability to handle most emotionally charged situations they face every day.