A New Direction in Speaking and Training Through the study of ancient martial arts, Christine Richards Black Belt Business Solutions, has developed a powerful new system of sharing and teaching business strategies and techniques for organizational and personal improvement. She has discovered a foundation of three principles that hold the key for success:


  • Disciplined skills and techniques


  • Mastery of mind and action


  • Commitment to be of service


However, these foundational competencies are not inherited at birth. They require harnessing an inner power made available through focus, practice, and self-discipline. Read More...


“Christine really knocked it out of the park. She was great. Her smile sheet was a solid 5 out of 5—first time ever for a tough audience. The only complaint was that her speech was too short: our limitation. They wanted MORE!”

Carol Kelly, Ph.D.


You can also find Christine here: www.nsaoregon.net