The Art of Making Connections That Last a Life Time


Beyond Product Pushing - 4-8 hour workshop


Sometimes it’s not your product or price that gets you the sale. Sometimes it’s simply the way you connect with people. Does it seem like a lucky accident when you instantly connect with a prospect, creating a long-term client? What would it be like to do this on a regular basis? As business owners and sales professionals, we need to be aware of how we connect with our customers and suppliers. The key is the winning approach we call Black Belt Relationship Selling.


Participants of this program will master three basic principles:


* Know yourself. This is the first step to an effective sales relationship. We help you identify your strengths and limitations and your natural selling style.

* Know your client. We teach you how to identify clues that indicate your client’s buying style and preferences.

* Adapt your style and sales approach. The third step is the ability to adapt your selling style so a real connection occurs with your customer.


In Black Belt Relationship Selling participants will:


* Identify their selling style and develop an awareness of how their style influences the buying process.


* Learn to read and adapt to their customer’s buying preference.


* Gain insight into how individual behaviors influence customers’ decisions.


* Learn techniques to close sales based on the various buying styles of customers.


* Enhance their ability to manage customer interactions effectively and strengthen client relationships.


Business owners and sales professionals today need to be a resource that customers can rely on. This program teaches participants how to gain a competitive advantage to sell more products and services by understanding the buyer’s personality style.





“Thank you for your wonderful program. You are an excellent presenter. My staff raved about your wealth of information, knowledge and we loved your English sense of humor.

I learnt more about communication with clients in this one program than I knew in my previous 20 years in business. Thank you.”


Mary Lou Burton

Bravo Publications