Teen Survival Skills Camp For Girls


Our Purpose:


To provide young women ages 11 to 17 with personal survival skills and strategies to enhance their ability to navigate the turbulent waters of family, social, and school environments.

About Teen Survival Skills Camp


Life skills are presented in a highly interactive, exciting format designed to provide young women with the confidence that comes with knowledge and experience.


Presenter Christine Richards applies her successful background in working with teens, business, and martial arts to bring the “best of the best” to prepare young women for success in school and beyond.

Providing Life Skills for Today’s Teen Girls in:


* Identifying Personal Strengths and Successes

* Resolving Conflict With Parents & Others


* Communicating with Purpose


* Boy Issues & Dating


* Saying No To Bullies & Peer Pressure


* Personal Safety: Awareness and Prevention

* Managing Stress and Worry

* Assertiveness & Leadership


* Healthy Self Image


* School Challenges


In previous sessions, teens have experienced the following results:


Improvement in Self Confidence up 72%
Improved Communication Skills up 53%
Improved Leadership Skills up 59%
Improvement in Handling Stress & Worry up 65%
Positive Attitude and Enthusiasm up 48%


What previous campers have said:


“It was great.”

“Definite 10!”

“This taught me more than a whole year of school would.”

“If I had to rate it on a scale of 1 to 10, it would be 100.”