Black Belt Questioning
The Power of a Few Well-Placed Questions


4-8 Hour Training Seminar


Have you ever watched helplessly as a sale slipped through your hands? Your presentation was professional, flawless, persuasive, and you thought the prospect truly needed your product or service. But when the moment of decision arrived, they unexpectedly became evasive, defensive, and began focusing on “price” and decided “to look around before making a decision.” You left discouraged without making the sale.


The final capstone on this saga – you discovered later that your prospect bought from your competitors services that very week! What does that do to your confidence – reputation – closing ratio – income?


Black Belt Questioning is a revolutionary sales approach that is guaranteed to turn evasive prospects into eager buyers and dramatically increase your sales results.


Selling is not about presenting, persuading, or pushing your product or service, or ‘telling’ your prospective customer what s/he needs. That only creates objections and rejection.


The Black Belt Selling process is based on an inner desire to serve and allow others to persuade themselves about the value of your services.


Success can be a matter of a few well placed, easy to ask, non-intrusive questions, and fine-tuned listening skills. This allows your prospect, and you, to ‘discover’ together whether your product or service is right for them!


In Black Belt Questioning Participants Will Learn:


* How to determine the expectations and priorities of your customer.


* How to match your product or service with the prospect’s needs.


* How to use questioning to develop trust and openness with your prospect .


* The SUKI KATA – a questioning process to establish value and urgency.


* How to insure there is never a price objection.


* How to avoid a SALES MUBOBI – the mistake-that will cost you the sale.