Black Belt Communication


The Art of Working with Others

Keynote or 4-8 hour training workshop


Today’s workforce, and certainly tomorrow’s, is growing increasingly diverse in their communication behaviors. For some people, it is hard to accept that others have different communication styles of communication and that these different styles of communication do not diminish the value of either of them. Without positive attitudes about differing behavior, your organization can be immobilized by internal conflict.


This program teaches participants how to work more effectively with all kinds of people. Participants will understand common communication styles and learn how to interact with each style. They receive “hands-on” training that improves work and personal relationships. This program can have a dramatic effect on employee morale by teaching effective interpersonal communication skills.


In The Art Of Working With Others, participants will:


* Understand the four major behavioral styles of communication.


* Identify individual behavioral styles.


* Discover how others see you and respond to you.


* Increase appreciation of different work styles.


* Learn how to modify behavior without changing-your communcation style.


* Learn skills to increase morale.


* Recognize what motivates others.


* Anticipate and minimize potential conflicts with others.


* Learn increased conflict resolution skills.


With this program you can expect a company shared language that is both respectful, non-judgmental, and produces enhanced communication and productivity in the workplace.